Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Promise This Will Not Become a Home Improvement Blog.

In the above picture, behind those two beautiful trees, is the house Rachel and I moved into when we left Rhode Island for Kentucky. It was a dream come true for us. Our apartment in Providence was about the size of catbox (and $1250 a month, but with a fenced in yard for you-know-who). Of course, we felt mixed about moving to Owensboro, but when we got this great house for what we thought was dirt cheap, we decided to really make the best of our opportunities here.

When this house (and the four houses next to us) sold as a plot of land this fall, we had 30 days to move. So, art making has been a bust for me lately. A lot is in the works for winter including a new "Found Objects/Cosmic Things" drawing series, a new button portfolio and trips to KC, Philadelphia, & New York.

Plus, I am saving for my West Coast Get-A-Way this summer.

Below is our old house last Thursday. Click it larger and take special notice that the two old magnolias are gone.